Don’t mess with NYCC Person of Interest fans


I learned that ‘Person of Interest’ fans will do anything for their show. They will brave crowds of people who care more for the DC-52 than ‘Person of Interest.’ They will stand in line alongside Doctors of the Who-verse. And, they will hold their two-year-old children captive when Jim Caviezel appears. In their opinion (and mine), was it worth it? Of course it was!

Last year, I never experienced difficulty finding a seat in any NYCC panel. This year … not so much.

I learned how much people loved Person of Interest while standing in line for the NYCC panel. Wherever I looked during my two days at NYCC, I spied people of all ages — but mostly kids in their 20s — rocking pink hair and latex pants. But, on the POI line, I noticed racially diverse, normally dressed people in their 30s and above. That’s when it hit me. These people didn’t care about comics, the DCverse, the Marvelverse or the Whedonverse — all they cared about was the Nolanverse. And, that’s why they came. For half an hour, I listened to people express their anger at seat hoarders who didn’t care about Carter, Reese, Finch or the dog, Bear, while another woman laid out her plans for buying a 3-day pass for 2013 JUST to see NEXT YEAR’s Person of Interest panel. Last year, I never experienced difficulty finding a seat in any NYCC panel. This year … not so much. The room was PACKED.

Once inside the panel, you could tell how hardcore the POI fans were from their frenetic energy during the POI teaser reel. It was hilarious watching the two year old in the stroller fuss while her parents — avid fans — watched the panel instead. For this season’s surprises, Reese and Zoe will go undercover as a married couple; Finch will appeal to Elias for help; Lionel’s past will return to bite him in the ass; Reese gets shot; Mark Pelligrino will guest; and our favorite victim from season two’s premiere will return. While I learned a lot from the press room interviews (which I will release shortly), each of the actors shared a lot in the panel itself. And, every time an actor appeared on stage, the crowd went wild displaying their true, hardcore love. Although the rest of this post will focus on the Person of Interest panel, it’d be wrong if I didn’t first call out the dedication of the Person of Interest fans.

The audience responded well to Taraji P. Henson who shook her money-maker upon entrance, exhibiting her sassier real life self. She believes her character works with Finch because of his good deeds and joked it’s difficult working in a department where no one’s “clean” while looking at her on-screen partner, Kevin Chapman, aka Lionel Fusco. Weighing in on the Carter character, Jonah called Carter the show’s heart. The show follows her journey chasing the two males while learning she has more in common with them then she initially believed.

Regarding his own character, Chapman spoke about his acting process. He only reads his scenes before shooting and not the entire script, so that he doesn’t have more knowledge than his character does, which explains Fusco’s believable ignorance.

Although the POI-ites quieted when Jonah spoke, they didn’t appear any less rapt. During the panel Jonah revealed his inspiration for the show, having read books on artificial intelligence. He grew up watching the X-Files and loved the story of the week with gradual character development amongst the two leads. (So, HAH, to everyone who pooh-poohed my X-files-POI theory! Note: I say that lovingly.) He calls POI a science fiction show grounded in reality and joked that all of the writers wear “tin foil hats.” He’s a big Joss Whedon fan and tingled when J.J. approached him with the idea. The show will remain in New York, because he loves it and feels it’s one of the most watched places on the planet. Jonah spent the summer figuring out the Dewey Decimal system we witnessed in the season two premiere and loves the parallel between the ancient print catalog system and the bits and bytes of the Machine’s artificial intelligence. He thinks it’s ironic that they now film the show’s sky-view angles using robotic cameras and talked a lot about the iPhone’s Siri, which I mentioned in the premiere. He wanted a show to incorporate cable’s level of quality.

[Emmerson] feels both Root and Finch had a type of courtship, but admits Finch isn’t the best for romantic partnerships.

Although Michael Emerson, Amy Acker and Kevin Chapman received equal audience love, Bear — with his trainer — and pretty boy James Caviezel received the most. Jonah claimed he wrote Bear in because it’s a dog loving staff and he wanted Michael Emerson’s pooch to have company. Although Emerson smiled, he talked more to the show itself. The writers laid out the conflicts well and he enjoys the growing Machine friction. He likes being the burr under the audience’s saddle and admits he was fascinated with Root. He feels both Root and Finch had a type of courtship, but admits Finch isn’t the best for romantic partnerships.

For photos of the panel and audio clips, click to the next page!

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Photo Credit: An Nicholson/WB

38 Comments on “Don’t mess with NYCC Person of Interest fans

  1. I can not wait to see more of the show and I guess I have a certain tolerance for “teasing.’ I guess the writers have made Reese out to be this type of damaged priest. I wonder how they will evolve Reese’s character in away that will involve the opposite sex. The reason people can not or refuse to not see Reese with a female companion is because he shows little to no (real) interest in [them]. I am concern with Reese’s ability to have a “normal-like” relationship with a woman. I think the whole purpose that Zoe will not be a regular cast member–means the two will not get together this season. Taraji said Carter will get a date this season; its probably, Szymanski or the agent Donnelly. I like Szymanski, but I will like some other unobtainable bigwig more, someone who will to try to lead Carter. I will like it be a dude with a swag like Shamar Moore on Criminal Minds…(hay, Carter deserves him)–I think I am over Careese (sorry, Reese doesnt deserve her, but he does deserve Zoe) Why is Finch asking Elias for help? We already saw that scene; I know that the writers and producers want to show why these guys must operate away from the law…to get things done, but not Elias. I look forward to a show that can portray Carter helping the fellas as ‘one’ of her responsibilities and her heading the precinct and ultimately becoming the Commissioner and turning against them…because they are going to cross the line, they live outside of the law; therefore do not live by it, well only when it benefits them. So if these guys do not cross the line and Carter continues to be a puppet (sorry, it bothers me too), then she will eventually learn about the machine…but will the knowledge of the machine be crossing the line (I seek) and will Carter spend her time trying to shut it down. Okay, maybe she will never betray them and yeah, the other way around too,… so now the show becomes predictable? (and thats a question)!

    • I liked the term damaged priest, and I like Szymanski and Donnelly two very dedicated Agents and I kinda felt dynamic between Szymanski and Carter, and I believe we are going to be surprised by the upcoming events.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It is good that they explained Carter’s purpose as being the heart of the show. I like the cast and the four main characters. I wonder what is the purpose for the character Zoe. Is it to please a certain type of fanbase? I just do not see the necessity for this character. I can understand the purpose for bringing back characters like Stanton, crazy Root and Elias but I think they could cut out the fixer (IMO). I hope the show continues to do well.

  3. An,

    You were right about “The X-Files” comparison to “Person of Interest”! Congrats on picking up the similarities before most people did!

  4. I love the way Carter and Reese interact with eachother. What I don’t get is why is Zoe apart of the show she is unlikeable and has no purpose for being there. I like the relationship between all 4 characters.

  5. Count me as someone that loves and appreciates Zoe. Her and Reese have their flirting game going with each other and seeing Reese in this mode acts as a nice balance to his intense nature. As far as why she is there? I would say because she is smart, savvy and has proven to be an useful asset for the team. Add in she is middle-aged and a beauty. I much prefer Reese flirting with her than some 20 year old bimbo.

    I’m glad Paige was invited back and hope we see her a few times in season 2.

    • I am a big fan of Paige and I love to see more of Zoe and Reese too.

  6. I happen to think that Reese and Zoe could definitely have something. It was obvious that John was interested in her in The Fix, but please don’t put them together for a while, because once the suspense stops it always goes a little flat. Reese gets shot – ahem – Reese has more holes in him than a colander. Jus’ sayin’. Although, that whole h/c thing does please the fans. I have been waiting for years for a series that talks to me as a mature adult with a brain, with mature stars who can really act. Person of Interest ticks ALL my fiction boxes. Long may it continue to do so.

  7. This was a great review of ComicCon and the POI fandom. It does have a much wider demographic than most shows. It is a show that makes you think, makes you watch and look for clues. I just KNEW Jonah was a Joss Whedon fan! Joss has always said ‘Give the fans what they NEED not what they WANT’ and Jonah has certainly done that!
    I love Zoe with Reese, they spark and she makes him smile. Do I want them in a long term relationship? no……..but let the sexual tension play out for awhile.
    I like my heroes damaged and bad a$$ and Reese certainly fills that bill. Jim Caviezel has finally come into his well deserved spotlight for what a great actor he truly is. He brings a lot of depth to Reese and the physicality of the role suits him. And he is DAMN FINE to look at!

    • Oh I agree, This is a wonderful role for Jim Caviezel and he is indeed damn fine to look at.

    • Totally agree, and JC is Awesome.
      He is DAMN FINE to look at.

  8. It’s a little surprising to me that Carter is still primarily referred to as the heart of the show. I’m not saying that she isn’t but during the run of POI Finch, Reese, and even Fusco have evolved a bit and those characters have had moments where they have shown some *heart* too. I hope to see Finch and Carter interact more this season. It would be interesting to see how much Finch would trust Carter, especially after knowing how she handed Reese over to Snow. Yet Finch did suggest to Reese to tell Fusco and Carter that they were all working together… This show is so tricky it’s hard to make any assumptions! I guess I’ll just continue to sit back and enjoy the ride. Thanks for the recap.

  9. Awesome Post An, and thanks a lot for photos of the panel and audio clips,
    Love POI.

  10. I love Zoe paired with Reese. Not permanent but some flirting, touching or better yet like “Friends with Benefits”. They can help each other, Zoe fixing the job in the upper level while Reese is working or finishing the job.

  11. Have just started a POI rpt in run up to new season enjoy this “thinking” series. and enjoy Jim Caviezel as Reese a perfect foil to FInch – have been reading a book Discovery of Witches which has beem picked up by Warner Bros – can see JC as main character Matthew. Nice to see a good actor who goes quietly about doing what he does without being thrown all over the gossip pages

    • Di, I loved Discovery of Witches! It’s Harry Potter meets Twilight, but not in a bad way. I wasn’t crazy about the sequel, but I’m looking forward to seeing the first book on the silver screen! I didn’t have JC in mind while reading it, but another actor (who I can’t remember now).

      • have you checked out the f/book page All Souls trilogy – like a book club on line with interaction with the author – sometimes entertaining sometimes using a delete button on your hotmail ! LOL – Still like the idea of JC for Matthew ! come support me on the f/book page :o)

        • Lol. I wouldn’t turn down JC as Matthew. I just wish I remembered the suave looking, dark haired, dark eyed actor I had in mind while reading :)

          • so how does one find a “fan club address” ? Have looked on line no such luck -

  12. I also have a level of tolerance for disagreements and I have become highly suspicious of the love for Zoe and Reese on here; therefore, I have to wear my Careese hat again to balance things out and also because I think they have better chemistry than Zoe and Reese. I do not see chemistry between Zoe and Reese; it seems he tolerates her because she is a necessary asset. What I have seen is a woman (Zoe) who has boldly displayed her attraction for a man (Reese) and the man (Reese) has displayed a type of fighting technique called “stick and move.” Reese sticks Zoe with the cold shoulder (no eye contact, controlled smiles, and stiff body movement=stick) and when she tries to warm (flirts) him up…he ignores her (move!).

  13. I believe the surprise relationship in the end will be Reese and Carter. The show keeps giving us hints which i dont have time to list here but i will list one. when the Brazilian POI invited Reese to relocate to Brazil, Reese told her that New York was his home for now. The camera immediately switched to Carter.

  14. Sorry mary i know you are a zeese fan but after much thought and elimination im back on the caree
    se bandwagon.

  15. I guess POI have vacated New York due to Sandy. Be safe guys and everyone in the path of Sandy.

  16. Oh my Careese heart is broken. Just read what appears to be an inside scoop that reese is going to play house with Zoe and it’s going to be off the charts. Nolan is messing with my mind. I guess he plans a happy ending for all: carter will reunite with Taylor’s dad; Finch will reunite with with his Fiance and Zeese will live happily ever after. Say it ain’t so. I guess i can prepare early. Maybe Carter will be maid of honor at Zeese’s wedding. How can you mend a broken heart?.

    • Taber,

      It is not Careese’s funeral yet! I say we are being teased and not to read too much into it. Its so much we do not know yet. Plus, we were teased about the road trip to Texas…okay, we kind of teased ourselves (lol). But then again dont listen to me…I still think Jen and Brad will get back together :-o

    • Taber, I’m hurt. I included that in the second paragraph of this post! ;)

  17. An, and so you did. But reading it again really made me realize Nolan may just succumb to Hollywood bias of putting an African American woman witn an ‘A’list actor like JC. Too bad im not the one holding the pen. I must confess that if Zoe becomes Reese’s love interest i cant keep watching.

  18. Dear POI fans
    Remember to vote, vote often, vote every day….nominations close NOv 15th.
    Vote for POI for Best TV Crime Drama
    Vote Jim Caviezel & Michael Emerson for Best TV Dramatic Actor by clicking on ‘other’ and typing their names.
    Vote for Taraji P Henson for Best TV Dramatic Actress by clicking on ‘other’ and typing her name.

  19. I love POI, I admire Nolan for creating such a worth watching tv show, I love JC.
    Being Zeese fan I have to say again that I really love Taraji and all the women of this show are super awesome, beautiful and very talented actors, I will be a loyal fan of to this awesome show No matter who Reese will ends up with, but deep down in my heart I believe he wont end up with either of them,

  20. I can live with that. But Mary i wonder if you are on the POI staff or involved with POI on some level? you seem to have a lot of information or at least where to find it. But did vote for JC several times as well as Taraji.

    • I am a Big fan of JC in the first place and I love POI so much, I am a loyal fan too, and I would have loved it to be anyway related to these awesome People, Cast and Creators of POI I mean, but Unfortunately I am not, and Yes I voted more than once for both of them, and I hope all the POI fans vote for them too.

  21. It would be nice to see a beautiful black woman as the next POI. And im not even black but i love variety.

    • Told you…There was no sparks between Zoe and Reese…she had him alone and didnt take advantage of the situation–maybe she also noticed he wasnt liking the forwardness.

      • Lol. I’m not sure I agree, P. However, I put in my review of the episode last night, so one of the editors will probably over the weekend or by Monday ;)

  22. I totally enjoyed the latest episode. I am surprised how much I like the journalist; I liked her so much that I can ship them harder than Careese. I totally understood why Zoe had to be in the episode, but totally disliked that it had to be her. I thought her slappling Reese’s booty was typical and it so added to the show, but I cant figure out why I didnt like it…yet. The think the show fell in line with the characterizations, but I dont know…I guess I wanted something more…something different. I enjoyed it but I think I peaked too high and will have to adjust with the writing. I like mystery and I guess learning who HR is was the highest point.

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