We’re giving away Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection DVDs


Holy cowabunga, dude! Ahem. We’re giving away this radical box set of the entire ‘TMNT’ classic cartoon series to one lucky random commenter to this post. You can earn another entry using Twitter too!


When this box set arrived at the quiet offices at CliqueClack HQ, sleepy heads rose from keyboards, cobwebs were brushed aside from brows, and mayhem broke loose. You’d have thought The Walking Dead became real, as the Clackers amassed and clawed at the surrounding packaging in hopes of being the one to keep this set for themselves. Lucky for you readers, I was five javas ahead of everyone else and got away with the prize … and my life. All for you!

Yes, we’re giving away this incredible collectible set of DVDs, containing all ten seasons of the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and more. What’s more, take a look at the packaging! Pretty freakin’ sweet, right?

All you need to do is leave a comment to this post saying something cool about the series or why you want the set — more than just “I want it.” To have a better chance at it, you can also (or only) tweet the following on Twitter:

I’m entering the #TMNT complete series DVD giveaway via @CliqueClack https://clak.us/p2vh

We’ll pick one commenter amongst the comments to this post and from the eligible Twitter tweets, completely at random, and alert them after the giveaway ends on Wednesday, November 21st at Midnight ET (make sure your spam filters aren’t blocking mail from @cliqueclack.com!). Only one entry per person per method and you must have a valid U.S.-based mailing address. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents of 18 years of age or older only. Not following these guidelines voids your entry. Good luck!

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32 Comments on “We’re giving away Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection DVDs

  1. I want to win so that I can both hone my ninja skills and learn more about Renaissance painters.

  2. I remember when my brother and I were growing up, how much we were (and especially how much he was) into the show. He had his first daughter in May this year, and I’ve made it my mission to find as many of our favorite shows from the 80s (and early 90s) as possible so that she won’t miss them. I’d love to be able to cross Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles off that list! (Personally, I’ve always been a Donatello fan – after all, he does machines – but I figure my niece would probably take after my brother with his Mike and Raph fandom)

    Either way, I’m extremely glad this will be out for Christmas! Now if only Square One would come out on DVD…

  3. I would love to win this because I grew up watching this show and it just brings back so many great memories.

  4. Oh my lord, you have no idea how much I loved this show, and how excited I got when I saw this post. (Now the theme song’s stuck in my head!) As a girl, people were always surprised by my love of the show, but after years of me dressing up as them for Halloween, owning a large portion of the figurines and play sets (the sewer set was amazing, but for some reason, I could never acquire Krang), and hyperventilating every time I saw anything TMNT-related, they got used to it. I still make references to the show – so many life lessons embedded in the episodes, obviously.

    Not only would having this set give me hours of entertainment and erase all memories of that silly re-boot on Nickelodeon now, but I also have two young nephews to whom I’d love to introduce this show. Cowabunga, man. Cowabunga.

  5. Huge TMNT fan obviously, but also it’s been a real pain to track down all the DVDs in the single releases. I have quite a few, but not all of them. If I win, I’ll have them all and I can giveaway my single DVDs (some of which I haven’t even opened) to some of the local neighborhood kids and fellow TMNT fans to help indoctrinate another generation of children with Turtle Power!

  6. dug the old toon, the comics, the stand up arcade game, the toys and the new toon as well. would love this in my collection. oh and i too love pizza.

  7. i want to win this, so i can explain to my childrens in the future why they are named with italian dudes names, and why i keep calling my future ex wife “Shredder”

  8. I want this thing so bad I can taste the gummy worm marshmallow pizza (which I’ve actually eaten and it’s… not great)! TMNT defined my childhood and continues to mostly define my adulthood. Seriously.

  9. Words alone cannot tell you how much I want this. I still get up on saturday mornings just to be sure they didn’t bring it back.

  10. I want this because I always played with my Ninja Turtles action figures as a kid, as well as the first two NES video games (and Turtles in Time and Tournament Fighter for the SNES). I was a die-hard TMNT devotee.

    If I won this, it would be totally radical. I have the endorsement of the Neutrinos.

  11. Obviously I’m a huge TMNT fan. The thing I love about this series is it’s staying power. Ask any 12-35 year old which turtle they most identify with and everyone has an answer! Raphael is easily my favorite since he is rebellious and dark. Comics, tv, film, video games…etc. The turtles can conquer any medium!

  12. Growing up I had so much TMNT related stuff (I still do somewhere in a box). I remember bringing Metalhead to school for show and tell, as well as losing all the pizzas that came with the Pizza Shooter. The design of this box set is really awesome and it would be really cool to have one.

  13. Oh wow! Somewhere, deep in the bowels of my mother’s basement, lie a pair of VHS tapes, bare of label and well worn from hours upon hours of watching. On each of these tapes is a few precious hours of clumsily recorded Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, including the intervening commercials for Skip-Its, Moon Boots, Crossfire (“You’ll get caught up in the Crossfire!”) and other such timeless toys from yesterdecade. There can’t be more than eight episodes between the two tapes, but my little brother and I watched them every week until Digimon began airing, which is I think what finally drew us away. I would love to win this set, not necessarily for me, but because it would make an awesome gift for my brother. No matter who wins, of course, it is awesome of you guys to give this away and I hope whoever wins the set enjoys it as much as my brother and I enjoyed those two beat-up VHS tapes way back when.

  14. I would love to win this so that I may get to relive my childhood; great memories in a box.

  15. I grew up adoring Michelangelo, my siblings and I owned all of the TMNT figures (in triple!) and never stopped playing with them… I still have a Michelangelo in an unopened box! To say TMNT was a huge part of my child hood, as it was for many others, would be an understatement!

    I got older and while my favorite shifted to Donatello, I still love those goo covered reptiles!
    Now-a-days I have a kiddo of my own, who just recently acquired all of the figures from the TMNT series of the decade… they are quite ridiculous looking and I would love to expose him to the classics! His favorite is Michelangelo, of course. I’m waiting for that to change as he gets older ;)

  16. My son loves TMNT but all he knows is the new cgi version. He would appreciate this.

  17. This cartoon is the glue which holds my entire set of childhood memories together! I had the Raphael pajamas, the bedsheets, and a ton of the toys which I think might STILL be in the attic, because I don’t think I could part with them! For years when I passed a manhole cover, I half-expected the turtles to come out! If I got this set, I would buy a pair of Raphael pajamas on eBay (which would be a disgusting fit on me now), wake up early on Saturday morning, and watch the cartoons while eating a 20 year old box of stale TMNT cereal and playing with the old Technodrome!

  18. I would like to win because Ninja Turtles was and still is my childhood (even though im 18). The turtles have taught me so much, like it doesnt matter what you look like, its your personality that shines through. I have watched all remakes and versions of the Turtles and i LOVE every version (including Next Mutation), as each show brings something fresh and new to the turtles. People, find it weird that, because im a girl, i LOVE anything Ninja Turtles related. But hey, i dont care about guys liking MLP (brohoof to all Bronies out there), if you like a show, then dont let people bring you down or stop you from enjoying it! :)
    Getting a tad off tract… ANYWAY, i would also like to win because (as a resident of the uk) we never got the whole show on TV, which sucked at the time.
    Please consider my message and im sorry for the rambling off topic. PARTY ON DUDES! COWABUNGA! or if you prefer BOOYAKASHA! *heroes in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!*

  19. I could die happy if I owned this DVD set. I mean… the box is the Turtle Van!!! How incredibly awesome is that?! If I win, I’m having a day long TMNT marathon with pizza and everyone’s invited!!!

  20. i allways liked leonardo the best he’s the character that allways took charge and its what helped me as a child through some rough stuff with my family

  21. I want this series because this is childhood nostalgia at its best. I remember the first time I got into the Turtles, and even though I grew up after so many years passed, they still hold a very dear place in my heart. There is just nothing stopping this franchise. I hoped that as I got older, our future generations would be able to see what made the Turtles so awesome in the first place. And I’m one of those who continues to pass on the tradition of showing the old Turtle toons I grew up watching, to my newer generation. My nephew, who is just dipping his toe into the awesomeness that is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The comics were first, of course, but the old series is what brought the Turtles into my life, into the spotlight. They not only provided entertainment and excitement to fuel my imagination in ways I never thought possible, but they were also very influential with hidden messages about how I should grow, how to treat my family, friends, how to live my life. There is just nothing out there like the Ninja Turtles, and they’ll forever be a part of history, forever a part of pop culture, and best of all, a part of my life, and future generations to come.

  22. TMNT was the reason I started drawing when I was young. I owe a lot of my skill to the show for inspiring me for so long. The show also introduced me to pizza, which I had never had before watching. I would love to have this set to go back into memory lane and get inspired all over again.

  23. I love ninja turtle and I’m currently brainwashing my 1 year nephew into liking nerdy things. His parents prefer sports and things like that but I’m schooling him on the ways of the force and Batman. Winning this would not only convert a nerd but ensure hours of pizza and colored ninja mask wearing for a loving uncle and his nephew.

  24. I first got into TMNT by the 2003 series which launched me going and watching all the “old” (80’s/90’s) serices/movies. I stayed home from school to watch the 2007 movie on the opening day it came out in theater. I owned everything TMNT and I even made my parents sign me up for Karate lessons. I’m enjoying the 2012 series and man, I LOVE BEING A TURTLE! :D

  25. me and my wife are big fans of tmnt.last year i did a surprise valentines where i made her a tmnt valentines card and got her 4 turtles and a mouse.anyways this year i’m in the nursing program so i had to quit my job because its a very demanding program and she has been supporting us till i finish my program. I’m always stuck studying so i hardly get to spend time with her but Christmas is coming up and i want to do something special for her to show her how much i appreciate her.since i don’t have a job and school ends mid December i would love to give her this as a gift to show her i love her more than anything.
    thanks guys
    good luck to all the other turtle fans you all deserve this set “cowabunga”

  26. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been a big part of my life and made me the man I am today. I am happy that they are back again and that today’s generation of children can grow up with them the same way we did!

  27. On the day before football games, my son’s teams practice in shoulder pads, helmets, and shorts. They call it “half shell.” So, I always say, when I pick him up … “Heroes in a half shell.” Gets a laugh every time.

  28. I’m not saying that I deserve this, cause there are way more other people that do. But I will say that I want it. Every TMNT fan could agree on that. Why do I want it, or why should I receive it? Because I’ve been a turtle fan since I was about 7 or 8. I’m only 14 so I never did grow up with the 80s turtles. I did watch all the episodes from them though. That doesn’t make me any less of a fan. Believe me, I would purchase this item if I could, but I cant. My family, like most others, aren’t the ripest apple in the apple tree. We’re poor. We’re losing money. That means, I can’t afford anything like that. My family won’t even be able to buy Christmas presents, nor will they be able to buy birthday presents for me on the 25th of this month. Truth be told, I don’t blame them. I never really did. But if I receive this prize, that’ll be a big enough present, to keep me smiling for my birthday and Christmas.

  29. I’ve been a raging TMNT fan since discovering the Palladium RPG back in the 80s, right before Turtlemania hit the big time. Now, I have a six year old son and a two year old daughter who are both Turtle-crazy. We have a few DVDs of the old show, but I would love to surprise them with this big box set! Turtle Power!

  30. With this complete set, I may share the glory of the original turtles with my 5 year-old nephew who I hope will grow up to become a ninja turtle!

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