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Bio: Member of the Washington Area Film Critics Association, podcaster, and full-time entertainment consumer based out of Washington DC. Some of his attempts at writing and talking can found at his website (

Posts by Jeremy Fogelman

Louie – Searching for and finding Chloë Sevigny

‘Louie’ gets weird with guest star Chloë Sevigny, and is paternally worried about his eldest daughter.

Louie – A father that causes vomiting

‘Louie’ paints a picture of sadness and insanity, the disparate views on comedy, and stress due to estranged relatives.

Louie – The incongruous but meaningful cameos of Sarah Silverman and Marc Maron

‘Louie’ has a few guest stars, but it’s really all about embarrassment and old memories.

Louie – The strip club loved the guy

‘Louie’ has a two-parter again, but this time it’s about terrible old men and awful kids. Sort of.

Franklin & Bash – A bunch of flashbacks and a classic episode

‘Franklin & Bash’ gives us a big story this week, with one of those classic “how they all met” stories.

Louie – The thrilling conclusion to “Louis CK meets a nutty girl”

‘Louie’ has a bad date — or is it a good date? A bit of both, honestly.

Franklin & Bash – Are dead plastic bodies art? Is art art?

‘Franklin & Bash’ gives a bit of character development and a very quick discussion on art.

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