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2012 TV fall premiere and return schedule and calendar

Here’s our fully-updated 2012 fall schedule for what’s premiering on TV, and when. We will update it regularly, along with the subscribable calendar. Check back often!

by Keith McDuffee

Ratings Clack – Worst… Ratings… Ever…

Last week brought a rare sighting to broadcast television, in the form of the lowest rated dramatic premiere ever. Amazingly, that was followed by a renewal for the lowest rated show on another network. Meanwhile, over on cable, the going was also slow for the latest from HBO.

by Brett Love

South Park – Love is like taking a dump

Cupid Cartman, a ‘Game of Thrones’ history lesson, gay love and Cupid Cartman. It’s the last South Park until some time later this year, and we’ve got a bunch of choice quotes from it for you.

by Keith McDuffee

Ratings Clack – Things TV doesn’t need? More rookie cops…

This spring continues to be a dark time for all of television, with lows hitting across the board. That didn’t bode well for the premiere of ‘NYC 22′ on CBS. Over on cable, HBO had their own struggles with the premiere of ‘Girls’.

by Brett Love

South Park boys played by real actors

Ever wanted to see real actors play the ‘South Park’ boys? Well, this episode had it. Here’s a screengrab and some choice quotes from the ziplining episode.

by Keith McDuffee

Ratings Clack – The B In Apartment 23 and repeat Big Bang shenanigans

Spring continues to cause havoc for the television ratings. The big story on cable remains ‘Game Of Thrones’, despite a host of Showtime premieres. On the networks, imagine a repeat finishing #1 at 9 on Thursday against all new competition…

by Brett Love

South Park – Make bullying kill itself

Bullying grandmas, vajayjays, and smacking it in San Diego. Here are some choice quotes and lyrics from South Park’s “Butterballs” episode. Read it! Now! Oh, what, now you gonna cwy?!

by Keith McDuffee
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